How to play

  • Complete a game by selecting the correct coloured icon for each group within the game board.
  • One mistake and its game over! You have some hints to help you out...

Basic controls

Left click an icon to select it.

Right click an icon to remove it.

Clicking a hint will hide it from the board.

Understanding hints

The Green frog and the Purple Dog are in the columns next to the Fuchsia Rabbit. No telling which is on the left and which is on the right.

The Orange Bat is in a column to the left of the Cyan Bird.

The Blue Dog is in the column next to the Fuchsia Shark. No telling which side it is on.

The Cyan Bat is in the same column as the Orange Rabbit.

Other helpful tips

You can open this help under the game timer.

Create a new game link is also under the game timer.

Whats on the roadmap?

Your support will make the following possible!